Moto Guzzi Zagato 2018

This Moto Guzzi T3 Zagato was spotted at the Ace Café in 2018 and I asked its owner to bring it away from the crowded event so that I could photograph it under the nearby railway arches then we met up a couple of weeks later to get some riding shots.

Looking at this meticulous bike it was hard to believe it was shed built, let alone created from a forty year old original and owner Brian Simmonds’ first ever build. Brian says he’s a total amateur in this field but this beautiful bike which was the culmination of three years of research, planning and hard work took a finalist place at the Kickback Custom Show in 2017 and won Best Modern Café Racer at the 2018 Ace Café Rockers Reunion.

Less is most definitely more with this bike, the digital speedo is housed old-school style in the headlight shell, tiny rear indicators are secreted inside the ends of the frame rails, the high-tech RF ignition ensures there’s no nasty bunch of keys to scratch the highly polished finish, and only the closest inspection of the side panels reveals a ghostly ‘Z’ deep in the paintwork. This bike is truly a work of art.

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